Chief Marketing Officer Named

By | 2018-08-16T14:32:31-05:00 May 2018|Blog|

It is with great honor today that we announce Heather McKeon’s well-deserved promotion to Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Ybarra Franchising Group, LLC., representing our Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen, Jimmy Changas, Bullritos La Porte, The Lunch Box and most recent, Burger Libre.

Heather McKeon has been a member of our team (family) for over 20+ years. Her hard work, daily passion and attention to detail have been an instrumental part in the growth of our brands Gringo’s, Jimmy Changas, Bullritos, The Lunch Box and Burger Libre. In the 20+ years, Heather has shown such dedication and passion for our company and we would without a doubt not be the success we are today, if it had not been for her commitment to all of our brands.

She is extremely detailed in all that she does, and oversees a very talented group of individuals, which make up our marketing department. Thank you Heather, for all that you do to exemplify our company’s Core Values. It does not go unnoticed.

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