Gringo’s has been serving residents of Texas since 1993, and the feat doesn’t start or stop with enchiladas. Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen operates full-service family dining restaurants in Houston, each equipped with its very own tasty margarita and spirits cantina.

Savory menu items at Gringo’s go beyond the usual Tex-Mex variety, offering guests signature items such as Southwest Eggrolls and unique salads like the Cozumel Chicken Salad.

Each Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen is adorned with antique, original décor pieces that capture the essence of where the Old West meets Mexico, bringing guests a treat for the eyes as well as the appetite.

At the same time, Gringo’s maintains a friendly atmosphere, making it a perfect place for families to come together. What’s more, Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen offers supreme quality, excellent value and FREE soft serve ice cream to every guest.


The year was 1992 and Russell Ybarra was asked to take over his father’s failing restaurant in Pearland, Texas. This restaurant property had previously failed under four different concepts, and friends advised Russell against it.

Coming from a family of restaurateurs, and seeing the long journey of failures and successes, Russell said, “I’ll do it.” …definitely not the answer anyone expected, but Russell knew his approach would be different this time.